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We Apologize: Recently we had a database failure and lost Being Puff and Being Duke as well as most of our shorts. We are doing everything in our power to save our movies, we ask that you please bear with us at this time. We will update you on our progress as soon as we know if our films are safe.


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The "It's Tough" Movie Series

Duke Snisherbocker, a private investigator, lives a perfectly normal and happy life with her cat and best friend Puff. Sick of this normal life, Duke sets out to become one of the many who get operations that enable them to talk to their pets. Once this operation is done, Duke discovers things she has never discovered before - and they are best friends with her cat and living under her roof.

All of our It's Tough movies except Being Puff were completely improvised - no scripts whatsoever were used in any parts of the movies.


It's Not That Tough Yet
It's Tough Being Puff
It's Tough Being Duke
It's Tough Being Smish | trailer
It's Tough Being Hoop Cheese | trailer
It's Tough Being Mr. Moron | trailer

Other Works

The Goldie Bin Laden (unavailable)
Campbell's Tomato Slop
In The Beginning
In The Beginning part 2
The Lambchop Is Coming (unavailable)
Goldie and Stormy: Their Lives
Cingular's Dropped Calls
L Spit In It
Twigley: Waxing Gibbus | Bloopers

Full Length:

The Coming | credits
Zelda: Ocarina of Time | LoZ Rap | LoZ Yodel