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Lyrics :

My name is Ganon and I'm cooler than Link
He thinks that he can beat me but that ain't what I think
I'm hotter and I'm better, I'm in Hyrule rollin' fat
I'm the ruler of Hyrule and that be that
My name is Ganon and I'm stronger than you
My name is Ganon and I took your shoe
I'm workin' up the Triforce, Hero of Time took my horse
And I'm the king of the Gerudos and I'm single too!

My name is Linky and I'm good with the chicks
Saria and Zelda, Malon, Ruto just for kicks
I work the Ocarina and my owl thinks I'm fat
My horse is schizophrenic and I'm workin' up the hat
My name is Linky and I've got some killer guns
And Mido's really jealous just cuz Saria think I'm fun
Unlike Ganon, I like pixies, I'm pretty so I'm told
I may be just a kiddy but at least I ain't OLD!






rap track provided by soundrangers.com. now you can't sue us for not crediting you. haha soundrangers. haha.